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"Brittany has had a strong connection to nature as far back as she can possibly remember. Her love of wildlife led her to study Biology at Ithaca College and later get her Masters in Conservation Medicine from Tufts University. Conservation Medicine is a discipline that takes a ‘One Health’ approach to environmental issues, understanding that humans, animals, and our environments are inherently intertwined. Solutions must be holistic because meeting the needs of one group means meeting the needs of all.

Following graduate school, Brittany completed an internship with the United Nations Environment Programme, where she learned the importance of thinking globally but acting locally. It is these experiences that have brought her into the field of local ecosystem restoration and permaculture design. Brittany is currently earning her Permaculture Design Certificate with Geoff Lawton’s Discover Permaculture. Permaculture is a design system that brings food production back into systems that mimic natural ecosystems and so they are more productive, diverse, and stable. They provide in abundance for both humans and wildlife, all while requiring less resources and regenerating our degraded landscapes.

These systems are truly One Health solutions. In permaculture, native plants are absolutely essential. They provide food and habitat for the native wildlife that are crucial to our sustainable food systems and must be protected at all costs. Brittany joined Dropseed Native Landscapes in the fall of 2020 and she is thrilled to work with Anthony towards restoring Long Island’s native ecosystems for the benefit of all. "

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