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Ecologically Sound Gardens for a More Resilient World


Over the last several decades, our gardens have become increasingly populated by foreign plant species from distant lands.

These plants, completely removed from their own natural environment, offer little to no functionality within their new-found ecosystem.

As millions of miles of human development have spread over North America and exotic flora has replaced the native plant communities, ecosystems have begun to collapse.

Luckily, it is not too late and we can restore much of what was lost by utilizing the many Native Plants nature has provided for us.


Highly Ornamental & Ecologically Functional


Native Gardens are designed to be both pleasing to the eye and highly functional.

By utilizing the many species that are native to North America within our designs we ensure that each garden carries out multiple functions within the ecosystem.

From their importance as the base of the food web and native insect hosting capabilities to their storm water absorption and carbon sequestration abilities these plant continue to perform while remaining ornamental and attractive.




Dropseed Native Landscapes



Nursery Address: 480 Hempstead Ave, Malverne, NY 11565 (Located within Crossroads Farm at Grossmann's)

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