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Mail-Order Flats

Native Landscape Plugs

More Plant Matter for Your Dollar!

Extend your dollar further with flats of landscape plugs. Also great for sharing among friends, restoration, garden clubs, and more.

Robust Root Systems

A large root:shoot ratio allows for quick establishment.

Plants are not root bound, requiring little, if any correction.

What to Expect

You'll receive full flats of landscape plugs, able to be planted directly in-ground.

Great for live-mulching, as ground covers, erosion control, restoration, and more! 

Shipping is Free!

Shipping to Eastern US & Midwest Regions.

About our plants and growers:

Our plants come directly from their respective growers to your door. We source our plants from regional production nurseries within the Eastern US who are leaders in the production of native plants for use in ecological restoration, wildlife gardening, and more. Plants are never sourced from the wild. Plants are true to type and no pesticides are used in the production of plant material, including neonicotinoids. Be sure to ask about our ability to source plant and seed material ecotypic to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region (genetic provenance).  

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