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Dropseed Native Landscapes and Anthony Marinello are grateful for recognition from both Newsday and the Long Island Herald during the year of 2020. Recognized for both his passion and his work educating the Long Island community through the Long Island Native Plant Gardening Group, a Facebook Community of his own creation.




Newsday Features Anthony for their yearly Spring Gardening Issue Front Cover Story. The feature mentions his own work at home, where he has completely eliminated exotic plants, as well as his public outreach work through his online community.

Long Island Herald


July 2020 saw a similar feature being published in the Long Island Herald. An unannounced feature followed in November 2020, awarding Anthony the title of Hometown Hero for his work educating the public through his online Facebook community; giving many a much needed outlet during the Corona Virus Pandemic and leading to many experiencing the therapeutic power of Nature as they began their own native plant gardens at home.