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Happy Easter (and Passover)!

Happy Easter, and Happy Passover! On this Easter Sunday the theme is rebirth! Spring is in full swing and there is no stopping it now... Birds are singing, foraging, and gathering nesting material, insects are emerging, and flowers are beginning to bloom.

The ancient Pagan goddess Eostere was celebrated at this time as the world around us is reborn. The rising sun to the East, plants emerging from their slumber, and fertility returning to the land signified Spring was here to our ancestors who relied so heavily on the land and nature's bounty. Because of it's Pagan origins, Easter is still dictated by the phase of the moon and not by a calendar, unlike most other Holidays.

Although we are now in the Anthropocene, we have not come so far from our Pagan roots. As our gardens are reborn, think of ways for improvement. How can this space create more life? How can it support as many creatures as possible? This year in particular is significant as we as we are slowly emerging from the Coronavirus Pandemic. A long, hard year, followed by a cold, dark winter is finally being met with Hope as warmth returns to the North, and Nature reminds us once again that time will heal all. Get lost this Spring, and remember to grow, both in your garden and in your life.

Below: (Easter)n Cottontail

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